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Last update May 2018.

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Our Company takes seriously the protection of the privacy of its customers. For this reason, we strictly follow the following protection policy, which ensures the high level of services offered and strictly adheres to the current legal framework.

The personal data concerning you are collected and kept for the necessary time and for defined, explicit and legal purposes. They are legally and lawfully processed in a transparent manner, always in accordance with the current legal framework and in a way that guarantees their appropriate security. This data is always appropriate, relevant, relevant and not more than what is required in view of the above purposes, and is accurate and, if necessary, updated.

1. AegeanHost Details

The data of our Company that acts as a Processor regarding the data of its customers, which it processes for the provision of its services, are as follows:

Brand Name: AegeanHost

Distinctive Title: AegeanHost

Headquarters: Choremi 5 of Chios


For any clarification and provision of information the user / visitor can contact the Customer Service of AegeanHost at Email and at 2118004730.

2. Object of the Personal Data Protection Policy

This policy defines the terms and conditions, which are observed by our Company, for the protection of the privacy of the users of . This policy includes the rules, based on which we collect and process your personal data and ensure the confidentiality of this information.

Our Company reserves the right to modify and update this policy, whenever it deems necessary, while the respective changes take effect from their public appearance on the Website of .

In the event that the use of any service is governed by more specific terms of use relating to the protection of personal data, these terms will apply in conjunction with these terms. In the event of a conflict, these terms shall prevail.

3. Security Measures

The AegeanHost has taken the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure compliance with the legislation on personal data protection, as well as to achieve the appropriate level of security of the personal data of its customers and third parties, whose data is processed, as well as of users of its website. It has taken all necessary security measures in order to prevent the access of personal data to anyone other than the duly authorized persons for this purpose and only for the purposes of processing provided below.

In addition, the AegeanHost implements strict Policies and Procedures according to which those who process personal data act and all the necessary measures have been provided to apply the current legal and regulatory framework.

4. Legal framework for the protection of personal data

From May 2018, the no. 2016/679 General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

In addition, as regards the processing of your personal data, Directive 2016/680 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by competent authorities for the purpose of preventing, investigating, detecting or prosecuting criminal offenses shall apply. or execution of criminal sanctions etc.

At the same time, the AegeanHost applies the relevant national legislation, as it applies each time.

5. Definitions

The definitions in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) apply to the purposes of this Privacy Policy. Indicatively as:

(a) “personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”); an identifiable natural person is one whose identity can be verified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identity , such as name, ID number, location data, online ID, or one or more factors that characterize the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural, or social identity of that individual.

b) “Processing” – any work or series of tasks performed by the Company with or without the aid of automated methods and applied to personal data, such as collection, registration, organization, preservation, modification, export, use, transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, interconnection, commitment (blocking), deletion, destruction.

(c) “controller” means a natural or legal person, public authority, service or other entity which, individually or jointly with others, determines the purposes and manner of processing personal data; determined by Union law or the law of a Member State, the controller or the specific criteria for his appointment may be laid down by Union law or the law of a Member State.

6. Data Types

During (a) the entry and use of the Website, (b) the registration in the information service through electronic letters (newsletter), (c) the creation of a personal account and (d) the purchase of services, the users of n> grant in our Company the following types of personal data:

a. Upon entry and use

  • Internet Protocol Address (IP Address).
  • In-Site Navigation Data.
  • Service preference information.

b. When subscribing to the newsletter

  • E-mail address (e-mail)

c. When creating a personal account

  • Full name.
  • E-mail address (e-mail).
  • Phone.
  • Company name.
  • Address.
  • Address 2.
  • City.
  • Region.
  • Zip. code.
  • Country.
  • Alias ​​(username).
  • VAT NUMBER. in case he wishes an invoice.
  • Tax Office in case he wishes an invoice.
  • Business Activity in case he wants an invoice.
  • Mobile Number Telephone (Optional).
  • Receive SMS notifications (Optional, Use for Nombre de dominio expiration update, 7 and 2 days before it).
  • Password.

d. When purchasing services of our Company

  • Service / product order information.
  • Choice of payment method.
  • Payment execution information.

In the event that any user communicates with us via email or other means such as contact forms, we will collect his personal data, related to such communications, under the terms and conditions hereof, in order to meet the relevant requirements. and requests and to improve our services offered.

The Company does not store personal data of its users – customers, related to the online payment of its services / products, such as numbers and credit card codes. Such data are collected and processed exclusively by and under the responsibility of the partner bank during the process of execution and completion of each sale by the method of redirect, ie by the method of transferring the user from the website to liability website of the banking company in question.

7. Purposes of Processing

The AegeanHost will process the Personal Data and the Special Categoría of the Customer Personal Data.

With the purchase of services / products made by the Customer through the Company’s website, he declares that he wishes the Company to undertake on its behalf the completion, work or mediation between the Customer and a third party for the completion of the work in its capacity as the Internet service provider.

The Company, based on the information – data stated by the Customer on the Company’s website, – or in the form of its order, should include him in a homogeneous category and calculate, based on his statements, the appropriate and analog for the Customer service / product.

To do this, it is necessary for the Customer to declare the specific Personal Data and the Special Categoría Personal Data that refer to the relevant fields of the order form.

These elements are objectively essential for the fulfillment of the purpose and the operation of the provided service. The correct and complete information about these data requested by the Company is an obligation of the Customer by law. It is possible that inaccurate or incomplete information about this information requested by the Company will establish a right for the Company to request even the cancellation or termination of the provided service or contract at any time.

For as long as the service contract remains in force, the Company will process the Customer data that is necessary for its operation, based on the explicit consent that the Customer will give us at this stage through the service / product order or in any other subsequent stage.

Our Company collects and processes the personal data of its users – customers, mentioned above, for the following purposes:

After the Customer orders the service / product, and fills in all the necessary fields, the Company will proceed, for the reasons mentioned above, in any transaction or series of transactions of the Customer’s data and with the help of automated means such as collection, registration, organization, correction, storage, customization, modification, retrieval, information retrieval. The Company uses automated means for the completion of the order and the provision of the service. Through these automated means, the Company can make decisions faster, with greater accuracy, transparency and consistency.

However, in these cases, regular relevant inspections are carried out by competent employees of the Company.

The Company, in the context of the protection of its legal interests, frequently carries out audits, through certified automated means, in order to prevent fraud against it.

The following individual elaborations are carried out in order to comply with the provisions of European and Greek legislation:

  • automated or non-automated controls to prevent the use of products for money laundering or terrorist financing purposes.
  • audits are carried out and data and data are sent for the purpose of compliance of the Company with the administrative cooperation of the Member States of the European Union in the tax field.
  • Audits are performed and data and data are sent for the purpose of the Company’s compliance with the multilateral agreement of Competent Authorities for the automatic exchange of financial accounts information.

The Company may also process Customer data for commercial purposes. For the duration of the processing mentioned above, the Company may be processed only in Personal Data but not in Special Categoría Personal Data. The Customer may at any time object to this processing of his data (for commercial purposes) by sending a relevant request to the Data Protection Officer. In this case, Customer data will no longer be processed for commercial purposes.

8. Data you store on our servers

  • The AegeanHost uses technical security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, modification or unauthorized disclosure of information under our control. The AegeanHost uses security measures that include and are not limited to: physical, electronic and administrative procedures to secure the information we collect online. All information is collected on a secure server. When we ask customers or users to provide information, the data is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) technology.
  • The backup and transfer of the backups to our backup systems is done through encryption to ensure maximum security in your data.
  • Data Centers: The Data Centers we have in our infrastructure are certified. This certification includes a systematic concept of security and many security measures in the infrastructure itself, in the ancillary equipment and in the processing chain.
    The concept of security is based on defined standards and is regularly reviewed as new security requirements are analyzed.
  • Logging data: When you visit our site or use our services, the device you use to access the page automatically sends logging data (login data) to our servers. Specifically, this happens when you place an order, log in, or upload or download data. Log data is also collected from our servers when users have access to your site. The log data contain e.g. the IP address of the device you use to access the site or service, the type of browser you use to access, the site you visited before access, the configuration of your system, and the date and time information.
    The information is maintained to the extent necessary for the provision of our services, but also the Security of our systems. In all other cases, the information is kept for a period of up to one (1) year from the end of the cooperation between them.

Reseller Relationships: In addition to all of the above terms and conditions, the following terms only apply to reseller relationships.

  1. Information related to data collected through resellers: The AegeanHost may collect information under the guidance of our resellers and we have no direct relationship with the individuals whose personal data is provided, processed or obtained by our resellers. Customers seeking access to or seeking to correct, modify or delete inaccurate data should direct their inquiry to the reseller data controller. If the reseller requests the removal of the data, we will respond to this request within thirty (30) business days.
  2. Right of Choice: If you are a customer of one of the resellers you should contact the reseller from whom you purchased services / products.
  3. Data Retention: We retain the personal data we process on behalf of our resellers for as long as is required to provide relationship-based services. We will retain and use this personal information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.


9. For how long will the Company keep the Customer data on file?

The Company will keep the Customer data for as long as a contractual relationship is maintained between it, both in paper and electronic form. In the event that, for any reason, it is terminated, the Company will keep them for as long as is still required until the limitation period of any relevant claims has passed. However, in any case the Company will keep the data for a period of up to one (1) year from the end of their cooperation.

10. Transmission to Third Parties

Our Company does not provide any personal data of its users – customers or interconnect its file for financial or other consideration with any third party private companies, natural or legal persons, public authorities or services or other organizations, other than EETT and FORTH, or partner companies (eg,,,, icann) or for services (eg Domain Whois), and Nombre de dominio registers to support, promote and execute the transaction relationship.
Specifically, for .com, .net, .info, .org, etc. domain name registrations, the domain name details are reported to the Whois service. At the request of the customer and the activation of the IdProtect service, this information can be hidden from the Whois services.

The Company may provide access to or grant:

  • data related to or necessary for the support of the Website n> to the company, with which it maintains a contractual relationship for the provision of its support services.

The processing of your personal data by the above bodies cooperating with us is carried out under our control and only by our order and is subject to the same privacy policy or a policy of at least the same level of protection.

11. File Disclosure

For the legal processing of the personal data of its users – customers, our Company may make a written notification to the Personal Data Protection Authority for the establishment and operation of a personal data file, which will be registered in the Registro of Files and Processes, which complied with by that Authority. Any change in processing will be notified by our Company in writing and without delay to the Authority, where required by law.

Details of the personal data file are communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.


Our Website operates with Cookies. For more information please visit our relevant website regarding our use of Cookies


Every e-mail from is encrypted with SSL or TLS protocol, regarding the electronic letters (newsletter) you will be asked to explicitly give us your permission to send electronic letters (newsletter), our Company will clearly and unequivocally inform you of our identity and will enable you to object and request, in an easy and free manner, the termination of communication for them.

14. Confidential Information Security

The process of processing personal data by the Company is carried out in a way that ensures its confidentiality. In particular, it is carried out exclusively by personnel of the Company authorized for this purpose, while all appropriate organizational and technical measures are taken for data security and protection against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination or access and any other form of unfair treatment.

15. Consent

Our Company processes personal data of the users of the Website:

(a) in cases where each user has consented, having previously been informed by this policy of the type of data, the purpose and extent of the processing, the recipients or the categories of recipients.

b) or in cases where the processing is necessary for the execution of the respective service, which has been assigned by the user to the Company.

Your consent to the collection and processing of individual or all of your personal data may be revoked at any time by the exercise of the right of objection, as provided in this policy.

16. User – Customer Rights

Our Company takes all the necessary actions both during the collection phase and in each subsequent phase of processing your personal data, so that you have full opportunity to exercise your legal rights, ie the rights of information, access and objection, such as described below.

a. Thus, already at the stage of collection you are informed in an appropriate and clear way by the present privacy policy, which is in a position immediately visible and at any time accessible to the main page of the Website, for at least the following information:

  • the identity of the Company,
  • the purposes of the processing,
  • the recipients of the data,
  • any third parties to whom the data is transmitted,
  • your rights.

b. Furthermore, you have the right to request and receive from our Company within a reasonable time and in a comprehensible and clear manner, the following information:

  • All personal data concerning you, as well as their origin.
  • The purposes of the processing, the recipients or the categories of recipients.
  • The evolution of the processing for the period of time from your previous update or information.
  • The logic of automated processing.

c. Your legal rights

Upon request, we will notify you in writing of whether we have stored your data and what that data is. If you wish to exercise your legal right to information or to correct, delete or block your data, please contact your AegeanHost Privacy Officer


To: Data Protection Officer

Choremi 5 of Chios

82100 Greece

Telephone: 2118004730


d. You also have the right to object in writing to our Company with a request for specific action on your personal data, such as correction, temporary non-use, commitment, non-transmission or deletion. In case you request the deletion of your personal data, however, the data requested to be deleted is necessary for the execution of the contract concluded with you, or for invoicing purposes or other legal purposes, our Company has the right to reject the relevant application with reasons and to inform you accordingly.

17. Children

This site is not intended for children and we do not attempt to collect personal information from children. If we find that personal information has been collected from children under the age of 16, we will make every reasonable effort to delete this information from our database.

18. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

For the resolution of any dispute that arises between our Company and our users – customers regarding the current privacy policy and its object, the courts of Chios are competent and the applicable law is the Greek law, but without taking into account its conflict rules.

In the event that a provision of this policy is revoked by a decision of a competent court as illegal, valid and enforceable, this fact will not affect the remainder of its provisions, which will remain in force and will be properly implemented.